DOTERRA essential oils to help improve your health

I have been using homeopathy for years and most recently DOTERRA essential oils to help my family and myself stay healthy. The benefits are countless. If you are interested in learning more about DOTERRA essential oils click here


Let me help you achieve feasible goals. I can guide you to learn how to eat sensibly and healthy without sacrifice and guilt. I can also help you build the needed muscles to burn fat and keep your metabolism working. Contact me at (850) 319-6503 or email me at


It is recommended to sign up for at least 36 training sessions for better results

*One hour one on one training sessions including 45 minutes of strenght/cardio exercises and 15 minutes of stretches using a foam roller. Twelve training sessions for $300.

*Thirty minutes of static stretches and myofascial release, $15 per session.

*One on 0ne training in my fully equipped gym. Twelve 45 min. sessions for $240.

*Twelve 45 min. one on one training sessions and four 60 min. nutritional consultation meetings for $320.

*Four one hr. nutritional consultations meetings for $80.

Call (850) 319-6503 or

e-mail to sign up



Read what some of my clients have to say.

* Let’s be honest: I was lazy, out of shape, and lacked motivation. I was one of those people that wanted to be fit, wanted to get skinny, but DIDN’T WANT to do the work to get there. I joined the Biggest Changer/ HIIT class for the award money at the end and because I had friends in the class with me. Every assessment I saw change and therefore began to be motivated by more than the money but on the fact that I was finally seeing and feeling a difference (which had never happened before). I am feeling so confident in myself (and it’s not even about weight anymore- which was one of the major pushes for me at the beginning. I couldn’t even run a qtr mile in high school (remember, I was lazy and unmotivated); I hated to run, probably because I couldn’t. While I wouldn’t go as far as to say that I ENJOY it now…..I don’t mind it. I am up to two miles without having to walk. I don’t crave soda or fast food…in fact I don’t like the taste or the way I feel afterward. I have more energy, my will power and motivation continue to get stronger, and people are starting to compliment me. Totally awesome. The class was fun and the people were fun…..but I won’t lie; it was WORK, it was commitment, it was life changing.

*When I first started taking Stef’s class, I could barely do one push up. I felt like it would be so difficult to get myself back into shape. Now I can do “real” push-ups on my toes and have lost weight and inches and am feeling so great! I have gone down a size and truly feel stronger. I am so thankful to Stef for motivating me to make the changes I needed to feel healthier and better about myself. Her classes are fun, motivating and they really work. Thank you Stef!

*I came to Stefania with the mindset to compare her training techniques to a program I paid pretty good money for from other professional trainers I found on line. I worked both on Stef's program as well as the more costly and higher priced program. Those other programs attempt to up sell food supplements, recovery drinks, advice and a whole array of additional products lines to me over the same time I trained with Stef. They clearly were more interested in creating additional revenue, leaving me feeling like the money was more important than my actual health and fitness. My conclusion is that Stef's methods for training, common sense, diet suggestions and ability to bring it to you on your terms, your timeline, and your ability is truly unique and far less expensive. I found her style to fit my needs better and her clear willingness to help me help myself, without the large expenses, is a far more productive and a far more helpful experience.

Give her a shot before you get drawn into spending hundreds dollars from on line or TV programs and on things you really can do without.

Thank you Stefania - you are awesome!!

*Stefania is an awesome trainer and I enjoyed her class so much. Even with the limited time that I was able to commit, I was able to lose almost 15 pounds with her guidance and support, and I feel so much stronger and healthier overall. Thank you Stefania.